Long Beach Dreams

Last month I went to go shoot some “brochure” type pictures of Long Beach.

I, of course, did not submit them like the ones posted here, buuuut I kind of like these better.

I’m a hopeless dreamer who can’t help but add some type of  “dream-like”

twist on my images when editing them.

Oh, the gentleman featured here was a homeless man that smelled like

alcohol who insisted I take a picture of him.

After I took about three pictures he nervously said, “Okay, that’s enough pictures.”

Ha. I think the portrait turned out okay.

I was freaked out though. I seriously thought he was going to take my camera

since I was shooting by myself. Thankfully, he didn’t. 🙂

 He also said to watch out for him on Forbes –

his name is King Arthur James.

So, make sure to keep your peepers peeled.

Thanks for looking!

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