Looking for Submissions!!

Hi! I’ve missed you WordPress Peeps! I’ve had a crazy busy year. To sum up the goings on in my life, I’ve been a part of Chicago Zine Fest, LA Zine Fest, Eastside Zine Market, and IE Zine Fest. Oh, and San Diego Zine Fest. I’ve had so much fun being part of an incredible community & making new zine friends. ❤

Anyway, let’s get down to business shall we. I am looking for submissions! I’ve been self publishing a photo zine titled, haletant. So far I’ve got two issues and I want to keep going so I can make this a regular deal. My goal with haletant is to give a voice to photographers who might go unnoticed or aren’t sure how to get their photographic voice out there. Regardless, I want to include as many photographers I can from all over the world in haletant. 

Photography and accessible art is my passion, so here I am. If you or know of anyone that might be interested in submitting, please share this post with them! 🙂

I’m mostly looking for film submissions, 300 dpi.

Submit to: haletantzine@gmail.com



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